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Ben Heald's blog

12 December 2016
Following the demerger of Sift and Sift Digital at the start of the year, Ben reflects on the transition he's made from CEO to Chairman in 2016
15 August 2016
At the start of 2016 Sift was split into two separate companies - Ben reflects on the challenges he faced in getting everything done by the 31st December deadline
08 August 2016
Last month a team from Sift spent a day with the Bristol charity City to Sea helping with their campaigns to raise awareness about the problems caused by the widespread use of plastics
05 April 2016
In this age of ever-increasing mistrust in the hegemony of the global financial institutions, it’s nice to report the continued growth in Bristol’s own currency the Bristol Pound (B£). Sift is doing its bit to support through a range of initiatives.
20 November 2015
There are many reasons for being green - to reduce costs, to save the planet but perhaps even importantly in a business context to engage with staff
21 August 2015
Sift Media went to last month's Association of Online Publishers Awards with high hopes having been nominated in two categories - they came away disappointed, but it's not just about winning awards!
18 August 2015
Blog about the decision by Sift Media to sell its Going Concern title - and the benefits of focus.
06 August 2015
There was considerable added poignancy to the news that KidsCo closed yesterday, as it was Sift’s charity of the year. Comments on Sift's programme of activities with KidsCo together with thoughts on KidsCo's governance and Government interventions.
17 March 2015
The corporate advisory world beguiles with talk of synergies, savings and fast-tracked strategic development flowing quickly from acquisitions. Ben talks about how the allure of acquisitions masked some weaknesses in Sift's governance and vision in the years after the initial Internet boom burst.
25 February 2015
This week HR Zone was relaunched on Sift Media’s new publishing platform - just 3 days later than the original date last summer. Ben Heald sets out the rationale and background for the project.