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Applying leadership language to make your marketing more persuasive

Following on from our recent post on avoiding the usual conventions in your content marketing we’re continuing the theme with a look at how we can use presentation techniques from some of the great leaders to create more compelling copy. While brilliant presentations may well be an art which requires significant practice, there are a … Continued

Why (and how) B2B marketers should step away from their conventions

When it comes to marketing and copywriting in particular, marketers  have in the past adhered to some traditional conventions. These limitations would tend to come in the form of things like the company you worked for, the industry in which you operated, the country in which your business was based or your discipline. Fortunately B2B … Continued

How B2B marketers can successfully target SMEs

In February of last year we published a report aimed at helping readers to better understand the dynamics of the SME marketplace and glean key insights for consideration when targeting this sector. The content of this report proved so popular amongst advertisers wanting to interact with this audience that we have reviewed the data on … Continued

10 ways to get more marketing life from a webinar

If you’ve been following our webinar blog mini-series, you’ve now successfully planned, promoted and delivered a killer webinar to hundreds or thousands of prospects. All of which means it’s a job well done. But, don’t stop there as there’s still more value to be had. Statistics from webinar software firm, ON24, confirm that 59% prefer … Continued

Leverage your CRM to support your lead generation goals

The idea of recording of customer interactions is as old as the hills. First there was the ledger then, somewhat more recently we had the Rolodex with its satisfying spin of business cards. This saw a rather dramatic decline in popularity as the digital age dawned and contact management software began to emerge in the … Continued

Why you should be using customers in your ad campaigns

In this guest blog post, Bonny Dellow the Editorial Manager of our client, Simply Business, offers his insights and tips when it comes to using customers in advertising campaigns. Time and time again, we’ve found that our best (and most authentic) advertising campaigns turn the spotlight on the people who make us, us – our … Continued