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Sift is one of the UK’s leading digital media experts, working with over 1,500 organisations, helping them to deliver effective online business solutions

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Ben's blog

As one of the founders of Sift in 1996, Sift’s CEO Ben Heald has 15 years’ experience of the UK digital media scene

11 February 2014
Hosting technical platforms in the cloud (software as a service - SaaS) is the way to go, but getting there can take a long time if the start point is a complex proprietary environment that was architected before anyone had coined the term 'cloud'. Ben sets out Sift's journey to the cloud.
14 January 2014
Following the opening of two new satellite Sift offices, Ben ponders the eternal challenge to entrepreneurs - how do you tell whether you've really got growth happening.
29 November 2013
Ben talks about the benefits to be gained from properly sharing what's going on across a company - a slice through Sift from this autumn's company meeting.

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