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We are sift

Sift is one of the UK’s leading digital media experts, working with over 1,500 organisations, helping them engage with their audiences


Sift parties montage

Sift has been nominated as one of the happiest workplaces in Bristol

Sift Cares paint crew - Feb 2015

Painting a room 'elephant grey' has never been so much fun as the first Sift Cares team arrives at Kids Company's Urban Academy to lend a hand

Ben's blog

As one of the founders of Sift in 1996, Sift’s CEO Ben Heald has 15 years’ experience of the UK digital media scene

17 March 2015
The corporate advisory world beguiles with talk of synergies, savings and fast-tracked strategic development flowing quickly from acquisitions. Ben talks about how the allure of acquisitions masked some weaknesses in Sift's governance and vision in the years after the initial Internet boom burst.
25 February 2015
This week HR Zone was relaunched on Sift Media’s new publishing platform - just 3 days later than the original date last summer. Ben Heald sets out the rationale and background for the project.
04 February 2015
Sift recently picked up a couple of domain names from the administrator of UK Business Formations, which are now pointing at Sift Media's small business title UK Business Forums. It's just one of many domain adventures that we've had over the years.